Travellers Comments

Thank you for arranging a great few days, Lauren and I had a great time, the hotels were just what we wanted and the guides were both very good. We really enjoyed dinner with Vijay and his wife
John QW Jan 2016
I would like to thank you for your kindness and calmnessduring the Pushkar weekend. Everything was great fun and your organisation terrific.
Hynd, Pushkar Fair 2015
I'm eager to share with you various comments about our trip. Foremost among them is our heartfelt and deep gratitude to you for all the planning, suggestions, and arrangements that made this holiday so amazing and fabulously unique. Your steady and reliable help during the various stages of putting this together was, and is, so appreciated. So, thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you.
Resnikoff Nov 2015
Thank you for your tireless input and advice for our trip to India! It was a truly magical experience that really was a trip of a lifetime! We had such wonderful and weird experiences that will stay with us forever. The schedule was quite grueling as we did pack in a lot in our short stay. However, the programme and visits flowed well and it all fitted perfectly! Our driver Puri was fantastic - always ready to please with his immaculately clean car each day, loaded with refreshments and just amazing driving. He booked us a wonderful lake side table for dinner at the Ambrai restaurant in Udaipur and supplied me with endless cough sweets (I had a dreadful sinus infection!). Our guides also at each town were friendly, informative and flexible. Sheila was particularly good as she tailored our visit to the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur sikri, noting that Skye was very tired that day - "how about a Costa Coffee Skye?" went down very well! She also took us to an amazing restaurant for lunch in Agra. We were so impressed with the organization down to the last detail. Having seen the chaos of the shouting taxi drivers on arrival at Agra railway station, we were very grateful that you had arranged for us to be met on the platform. The train journey was very comfortable. Every hotel we stayed at was fantastic. We just wish we had had an extra night both at The Bagh and at the Deogarh Mahal. The later was truly stunning and we spent ages walking through the town and the market - the people were so friendly - good, cheap shopping too! Udaipur and the Udai Kohti was just the perfect way to end our trip. The hotel is very beautiful, particularly the rooftop restaurant and pool. The highlight of our trip however has to be meeting the wonderful rescue elephants at Elefantastic. We were the only three there and had two elephants to ourselves - it was amazing! Skye loved it! I have to say being taken to the owners mum's house for her home cooked lunch was also a highlight. It was so refreshing to visit a sanctuary and not be trouped through a tourist shop at the end and actually refused acceptance of a tip of any type! Skye loved it and for me it beat swimming with dolphins! We have been singing your praises Beaty to many friends who have shown great interest in the package you put together for us so will be more than happy to recommend you in the future.
Attenborough, Oct 2015
Thank you for organising everything, all went very well! Train reservations were all perfect, no problems anywhere actually. Once again, thank you for organising all so smoothly in relatively short notice!
Tania Greco, Oct 2015
We had a lovely time down south - thanks so much for all your help. Our driver was super! We'd do it again in a heartbeat - so many places to visit, so little vacation time ;-)
Paula Breighton, Oct 215
I finally have some time to drop you a line to say thank you so much for organising our wonderful trip to Ranthambore and Jaipur. We had an amazing time and it was an incredible experience for my parents who are visiting India for the first time. They can't believe quite how much we managed to pack in, and they have had a wonderful time. Overall an absolutely fabulous trip! Thank you for all your recommendations and planning it for us.
Pennefather family, Oct 2015
Just wanted you to know that we had a wonderful trip in Incredible India. Your tour itinerary and guides were wonderful. Vijay (and his Family at dinner) was excellent as well as Gyansham (driver whom we adored). Thank you so much
Nancy & Steve Bresolin, Oct 2015
Beaty Thank you for organising a great week end :-) Everything went to plan and we all had a great time. Especially loved the hotel.
Sian Edmunds& friends, Sept 2015
Thanks again for your superb organising skills + great recommendations
Alex Wilson,May 2015
I would like to say the most enormous thank you for making my dream come true and organising our holiday of a lifetime. We have absolutely fallen in love with India and it has somehow gotten into our blood, we haven’t stopped talking about it since we have been back. Our trip certainly went like clockwork and everything was exactly as we wanted and had imagined it. We have promoted your wonderful service and professionalism to friends and family and maybe you will be getting some calls in the future to help with their personal trips, we are certainly planning which part we would like to do next. Thank you for the time and effort you put into our amazing and memorable trip you got ‘us’ and it was perfect.
Delia & Geoff Calder, Mar 2015
Absolutely amazing trip. Still can't believe how lucky we are to have had such incredible experiences. We both thank you for your invaluable help and suggestions.
March 2015
We really enjoyed the perfectly organized trip! The pick and drop service was excellent, the guides nice and good company, hotel and guest house nice and neat and clean and good places to stay. We felt comfortable and spoiled and always managed to find our train coach and seats! I will recommend your service and hope to travel again with you, thank you so much.
Connie Wegener
Feb 2015
Overall, you planned a great week. My grandmother thoroughly enjoyed her time in Mumbai and all your care in planning a trip for a 21 year old man, his 55 year old mother and her 80 year old step-grandmother. Everyone was engaged and happy.
Jeanne Heydecker Feb 2015
Dear Beaty, I have been meaning to write to you since we came back from India. We had a wonderful holiday. Everything worked perfectly and we fell in love with it. Thank you for all the work you put in to planning it for us, it was a holiday we shall remember well for the rest of our lives.
Jane & Jerry Burridge
What a wonderful holiday! Thank you so much for all you did to make our holiday a life time one to remember. We had such an amazing variety of experiences from the culture shock when we first ventured out in to the streets of Lahore, crossing the border on foot, watching the The Border Ceremony, setting eyes upon the fantastically beautiful Golden Temple at night, visiting Gandhi's Memorial in Delhi and the Museum to him in Mumbai, wandering around the lovely Memorial Garden in Amritsar, and getting up very early (for us) for a spectacular view of the Taj Mahal, feeling inspired by all the activity in the largest slums in Asia and the industrious Dhobi Ghat(s) in Mumbai. To visit Kerala was a dream in itself. The beautifully peaceful cruise through the backwaters was relaxing and so interesting - it was amazing to see the villagers thronging into the various churches on the Sunday morning. The last stop in Kovalam was idyllic and such fun to bathe in the sea and hotel pool. Please praise and thank Mahesh for providing us with such kind,safe, polite and knowledgeable drivers. It was grand to be able to relax knowing we were in experienced hands on those long journeys from Delhi to Jaipur. Besides all this I cannot ever forget your small thoughtful acts of kindness. You were always thinking of our comforts and how you could make our journey through India more informative and enjoyable. Thank you for everything Beaty - your sympathy for and knowledge of India shined through at all times.
May Youett (December 2007)
Gael, Kelly and I would like to thank you for your organising our India adventure. Everything went smoothly and the drivers and guides were excellent. The hotel accommodation was also of a high standard and just what we had all hoped for. We had a great trip with many incredible and memorable experiences.
Rod Eiszele (November 2007)
It couldn't have been more perfect. The train was great (once we figured out our car et al), the hotel was in a perfect location, the driver was amazing, and the guide was just right. Thanks so much. I would definitely recommend the hotel. It's not a 5-star. The beds are hard as a rock, the soundproofing is kind of non-existent, and it took one and a half hours for our dinner to arrive, but the location and friendliness more than made up for those details. For your more adventurous travellers, it's great, so close to the main ghats and easy to find when you are wandering around. A full night's sleep is not guaranteed however since the temple bells start chiming pretty early in the morning. The guide Rohit was very good. He had a nice sense of when to talk and when just to let us chit chat. He gave us a lot more than one full day of sightseeing.
Carol Fiertz (November 2007)
A quick email to say that we had an excellent time today - and that both the driver and the guide were of a very high standard.
Kerry Parker (September 2007)
Great Trip the wife and son enjoyed very much.....the driver was excellent and very helpful nothing was a bother and explained and pointed out things of interest.....thanks very much about the jewellery shop the wife loved it and cost me a small fortune ha ha.... no it was great.....the Taj was worth it fantastic the guide was great and very friendly a real personal touch sat us to a side in a garden area and explained all about the Taj the king and his 3 wife's and his life he was excellent.......the next day was take your life into your own hands scary road trip but we made it.....great hotel better than Taj hotel real Indian big rooms history all over walls very homely.......great rooftop restaurant and entertainment music and 2 girls in Indian dress dancing between tables.....
Grant Stringer (April 2007)
Thank you so much for arranging a wonderful trip to India for me. I arrived home yesterday - absolutely exhausted, but thoroughly amazed by what I've experienced in India.
Neil Johnson (November 06)
I can’t thank you enough for organizing that fabulous tiger safari and ensuring my stay in Delhi was safe and fun. I can understand why you have elected India as your homeland. I hated it on my first trip and have now developed a love/hate relationship, in that I can’t wait for more!
Deborah Bush (November 06)
Firstly the whole trip went off like clock work. Everywhere your guides and drivers met us, got us to the hotels and showed us around. Rajish our driver from Tanjore to Cochin was exceptional, both as a driver and a guide. All round we found the trip first class in all ways.
Murray and Sandra Sim (March 06)
Everything you did for us was brilliant, the driver was great and the guides were fantastic. They didn't rush us and were very informative and knowledgeable about everywhere we went. I know the others also had a brilliant time.
Andy Wilson (February 2006)
Thank you so much for all your help and kind attention. It really was greatly appreciated by both of us, and the impromptu visit to Indira Ghandi’s home was a magnificent plus, which was really special! The whole holiday was so good, and we both had a wonderful time. The train journey (Palace on Wheels) was amazing, and a good way to see a great deal without any hassle. Thank you so much for all the time you gave us. A big thank you for all your help, and if we make another trip to India I have no doubt that we will be in touch!
Val Grieve (January 2006)
Thank you SO MUCH for all you did, a superb trip thanks to your planning and for your generosity with your company.
Dale & Jerry (December 2005 - January 2006)
I want to thank you again for all the planning and providing us with such smooth travelling and a fantastic time in India. If it wasn't for you and the golden triangle package that you worked up (with short notice), I think India would have looked differently.
Hingley/Beck (December 2005)
I LOVED India....Thanks for all your help, without which it could have been a disaster.
Dowling (November 2005)
Dear Beaty, We had the most wonderful time, and everything ran so smoothly.
Windsor (November 2005)
Beaty, we were really impressed with your service and attention and thank you so much for a wonderful holiday.
Margaret & Lindsay (October 2005)
All arrangements going smoothly thanks to your excellent organization.
Coopers (October 2005)
Many, many thanks for a superb adventure
Bronwen (January 2005)
I am so glad that I joined CSAR Tours. Without your guidance, serenity and constant organization it would have been chaos if I had gone on my own. Without exception we were all very grateful to you.
James (January 2005)
….the wonderful way you looked after me both prior to my trip to India and during it. Your organisational skills, consideration, knowledge and limitless patience is wondrous.
Charlotte (January 2005)
Booking through CSAR tours meant all the hassle of organising and booking and confirming was removed. And that is a lot of hassle. Everything worked like clockwork. It was the best organised holiday we have had. The drivers were good, the transfers excellent, the elephants well behaved, the monkeys mischievous, the camels camel-like. We had no sickness, no accidents, no thefts, no money. What more could one ask for after nearly six weeks in a strange and amazing land? We thank you and we will commend you to others, Beaty.
Ian & Jagdish. (December 2002/January 2003)
We had a fascinating and very enjoyable journey. Beaty’s long acquaintance with India, its people and customs smoothed many paths for us and enabled us to experience some unique visits. We strongly recommend her to organise a purpose made trip to India.
Warwick & Hueline Massey (2002)
I thought it was magic! It was a real comfort to be able to relax and not worry about anything and that's exactly what I did! Which meant that you shouldered the burden of all the dealing with hiccups. But truly, for India, it was extraordinarily unstressful. I'm definitely hoping for another trip some day.
Alison Taggart (Jan 07)
Just a quick note to thank you again for all the work you put into my trip. My enjoyment of the trip was much greater because of all the organizing you had done to make it as simple and straightforward for me as possible.
Alex Croom (Feb 08)
Re the Ossian Trip - it was brilliant. We really had the most wonderful evening and we were very grateful that Reggie phoned and suggested that we change to the evening instead of doing it during the day - as it really is getting so hot there now. A wonderful memory to take away with us.
Michele Edmondson - Camel Camp (Feb 08)
I did so enjoy my visit to India – way more than I had expected to. Thanks again for your hospitality and for make our booking on the Assam Cruise, which was a great experience. I do intend to email the company and say what an enjoyable experience all the crew made it for the guests, groundings and all.
Robin McCullough - Assam river cruise (Feb 08)
Thank you so much for arranging the day trip to Agra yesterday. We had a thouroughly enjoyable time, the guide was excellent and the driver was pleasant and delivered us there and back safely.
Rowena Parry (April 08)
Corbett was fantastic! Tiger Camp really is a very good place to stay. For the money, the rooms are large and nicely furnished and the food is very good (the Indian Buffet better than the Western options available at room service but that is not unusual!) The service is brilliant, we felt very much looked after even down to the packed lunches we were given for the journey home. The attentiveness of service was particularly noted by Phil who arrived a day early on his own and was soon involved in washing the Elephant, introduced to other guests etc. On the Saturday evening, we weren't able to go on an additional Safari we had requested due to the permit office being closed due to local elections so a 2.5 hour walk was organised over the river and through the local grass lands which was spectacular. Tom and I weren't lucky enough to see a Tiger but Phil saw one the day he arrived which ended his trip on a real high note.
Sally Jeffery (April 08)
Just a note to thank you for making our trip so good. We enjoyed it immensely and the range of places we went to was so interesting and varied. Too many highlights to choose from but the time in Darjeeling was probably the pick. We were also lucky as the sun shone and we got great pics of the mountains. Amit (our driver) was a gem and to think I was considering hiring a car and driving myself before we went there! The range of accomodation was good to not so good but all had a special charm that related to the towns. The YWCA in Mumbai was very good and the Tiger in Udaipor was great. Kathy loved the hotel/guest house in Pusker. The YMCA in Delhi was fair but the pizza hut there was tops and all the waiters did a dance - very good. Well I could rabbit on heaps as there were so many different things we experienced. The dinner in the desert at Jaisalmer was a lot of fun even though we were the only tourists to attend. While Varanasi was probably the most startling - it was soo hot there (in the 40's) and we probably stayed one day too long but again we enjoyed it and saw the ghats and bodies floating down the ganges.
Peter & Kathy Hamman (July 08)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all of your associates for helping Rachel and I enjoy our time in India. India was a fantastic stop over on our way to Europe. Whilst hot and humid we had a wonderful time in both Delhi & Agra. The complete contrast of Ladakh was a beautiful change and a real highlight of our trip.
James Williams (July 08)
Thank you so much for your efficient and creative travel assistance. Trying to plan a trip for two senior citizens and teenager, and providing them all with a great experience is a challenge in itself, but to have all the minor details done so perfectly is more than you can ever expect. I am delighted with your service and plan to contact you for all my other trios I plan to do.
Jeanne Heydecker (Nov 2008)
Bill and I enjoyed the week enormously. I can't wait to download my pictures and appreciate the many wonderful glimpses into people's lives in that watery world and the appealing city of Kolkata. Beaty, you were a great organiser.
Bill & Rosemary Bowie (Aug 2010) re trip to Sunderbans & Kolkata
You are the best travel agent I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I love your flexibility, constant communication, quick responses... I wish I could get my business travel done through you too.
Jeanne Heydecker (Aug 2010)
The trip was all fantastic. Thank you so much. Three days in Kochi was perfect, as was the Old Courtyard. The place in Periyar was most comfortable and spotless. Very nice family. The houseboat was lovely. Kerala is a wonderful place to visit, so different to the rest of India that we have seen. Great people, cleaner and more organised.
Bill & Rosemarie Bowie (Oct 2011)
Thank you for organising a splendid tour for us. You did a great job. I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed the holiday. It has rekindled my appetite for far-flung places! If I travel to India again (which I very much hope to do) I would certainly contact you and would also recommend you to friends. We had some real adventures but it was good to have back-up when we needed it. you can use me as a reference to prospective customers for I think you did an outstanding/impressive job of coordinating the whole affair.
Tessa, Jo, Juanita (Nov 2011)
The reasons for the succes of our trip are two names: you and PS (the driver)
Gunther Hegemann (Dec 2011)
I am writing this email to both of you as you helped so much with our trip! India and Nepal was magical! We both loved every second of it…and we never had Delhi belly! The trip and bookings where done with no hic ups- a pleasure to walk to a train and see your name up on a list! Nepal was a sweet brake after India- we chilled and did not really want to come back home to work. But all good things come to an end.
Pieter-Ernst Mare (Dec 2011)
Thanks so much for planning the perfect vacation for us. You always seem to find the best possible locations that match our expectations.
Jeanne & Yu Yu (Jan 2012)
We had a great time in India. Your choice of sites and hotels was marvellous - it all went very well. The car was extremely comfortable. Our driver was an excellent, careful, protective driver and very helpful. The itinerary was also excellent. The guides were all very informative and showed us all the major features. We especially appreciated our guides at Fatehpur Sikri and Jaipur who both gave us lots of information but also time to ourselves to appreciate the sights.
Doreen Bailey (Feb 2012)
Just a wee note to thank you so much for all your hard work in arranging our travels over the past few weeks.My sisters left on Saturday, absolutely bowled over by India. Pench was definitely a highlight as we heard a tiger kill and saw a leopard but the Elephant Polo and Holi were fantastic too. Ranjeets Svaasa was there favourite hotel!So all in all a fantastic holiday - back to reality today.
Hazel (Mar 2012)
Thanks again for arranging such a wonderful trip for our friends. They talk about their adventure in India every time we see them!
Carl Soderhold (May 2012) re Gibbs' trip (April 2011)
Want to express my big big thanks for this unforgetful trip to India, which wouldn't be so fantastic without your help! We have be met, driven and provided in each town with a guide, useful information and tips! You have made such a big work for bringing all this come true! Thank you very much for your help and time spended! With lots of impressions and positive emotions we have now an idea to visit India one more time,and ask you one more time to help me with the plannings!
Margarita Bykova (Sept 2012)
I really enjoyed my holiday in India - you helped make it such a great experience.
Margaret Gick (Sept 2012)
Beaty, that sure was quite a trip & I loved all of it, huge variety, very busy, fantastic experiences. Your knowledge & contact with good guides added to the flavour. The trip through the Himalayas, although arduous was worth it for the stunning scenery. I am used to a bit of "pioneering" so prepared to take what comes. You are the most unflappable person I have ever met, just quietly sorted things out even when confronted with a bunch of grumbling women.Thank you again for an unforgettable trip. Look forward to meeting again
Bev Stafford (Sept 2012)
I just wanted to thank you so much for your help, hints and the planning and suggestions you gave me to make my recent trip to India memorable and enjoyable. Without your help I am sure I would have found it all rather overwhelming especially on my own, but I felt I managed to do everything I wanted to do to give me a taste in the short time I had. I was probably naive with little concept of the crowds, the traffic, the noise etc but went with the flow and had relatively few hassles. I nearly came unstuck at New Delhi railway station when trying to catch my train south, being told the train I was booked on was cancelled but I persisted, bluffed and paid for a man to find my train, carry my bag and find carriage and seat which was wise so I did that for the other trips and had no problems at all. I was glad to have your advice there. The sights, sounds, colour, culture,history, monuments, historic buildings, temples etc were fascinating as were all the animals sharing the roads with that incredible traffic-especially in Jaipur and Agra. The accommodation you had booked was great and I would especially recommend the lovely Sik family I stayed with in Agra. There were 4 generations in the very comfortable home, in a lovely quiet semi rural area. Many thanks again, it was a very memorable trip to an amazing and totally fascinating country.
Jan (October 2012)
Hi Beaty, I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for helping us organise our trip at such short notice. We really appreciated all you did, the holiday was great success and we are now certified Indiaphiles – can’t wait to go back. I have been singing your praises to anyone who is interested in going to India. Best wishes
Tim (Jan 2013)
Dear Beaty, Having returned yesterday from Delhi to a literally freezing England, Elizabeth and I wanted to say a huge thank-you for all you did to give us the most wonderful trip to Agra and Rajasthan. All your arrangements worked brilliantly, and all your advice and recommendations (apart from a couple we simply didn't have time for because we were enjoying the others so much) were spot on. The whole trip was superbly paced and structured, with a daily succession of highlights and a nightly succession of good places to stay. The Home Stay in Jodphur was a great counterpoint to the heritage hotels in Bharatpur, Jaipur and Udaipur, and gave us a unique insight into real Indian life. You even arranged perfect weather throughout. We poured blessings on you daily. If we had to pick one absolutely outstanding element, it would be Sanjay, the quite extraordinary driver who made it all work. Could you please pass on to Devender what a diamond Sanjay is? Apart from being a technically superb chauffeur, he had all the qualities of the perfect tour leader. Nothing was too much trouble, his patience was inexhaustible, his advice always right, his manners (to all other road users as well as us) impeccable, his mine of information bottomless, his conversation charming and profound. Definitely 6 stars out of 5! We will be recommending him (and you) to everyone we know. Yours with repeated huge thanks
Elizabeth and Sebastian (Feb 2013)
Time has flown by and we have had many wonderful experiences here in India We barely touched the surface but have enjoyed it tremendously thanks largely to your expert arrangements. We realised we should have just handed everything over to you from preparation day one!
Strongman (Feb - March 2013)
Dear Beaty You must be the most efficient tour operator I have ever come across and endless thanks from me!
You did a stellar job of matching us to accommodations, pace of travel, etc. I know we tried your very last ounce of patience around the Kashmir piece, and for that I apologize. All worked out very well during the travel itself. So thanks again for all you did.
Eden Rock (March 2013)
Hi Beaty, I just want to express our thanks for the wundefull tours you had arranged for us in April in Corbett and Rajastan. We had 3 wunderful weeks with Rikke , Lars and our children and on our own at the end. All the hotels were so nice ( especially at Udaipur) and it worked out very well with our driver in Udaipur - a very kind man. If we come back to India we would be happy to contact you again and also recommend you to friends of ours if that would be al right with you.
Susanne Ohrt (March - April 2013)
We have been delighted with your excellent and professional work Beaty. Most happy
Williams (Nov 2014)
Beaty! Thanks for organising a fantastic trip. We loved it. You can tell Mahesh that Lucky was a wonderful driver too. Now we are looking forward to the next trip.
Knight (Aug 2014)
Thank you so much for all your help throughout our adventure. You were truly amazing! We will be in touch again when we next go.
Rachel & Andrew (Mar - May 2014)
All in all another fabulous holiday, so thank you Beattie. Have to start working on the next one now...
Marshman (April 2014)
Thank you, Beatrice, for organizing this fun trip! We all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.
Nunn family (Mar - Apr 2014)
We had an absolutely fantastic trip Beaty, your suggestions were all great - it was very different from our other visits to Agra with being Holi, but very good, our son was painted by a group of guys and that made for a very friendly day, lots of people smiling and talking to us, seeing the celebrations in the middle of Agra streets. Lalan a good driver, and enthusiastic in making us comfy, please pass on our appreciation to him, though we of course made sure he knew we liked his suggestions etc...Especially loved Fatehpur Sikri, guide there very good, most probably our favourite site and may have been because of his explanations.So, liked the accommodation everywhere, of course the Neemrana Fort was fantastic experience. And elephant ride and 'picnic' on the bush was special - we were made to feel like Maharajahs, and there was a group doing elephant polo so we could watch that too! Catch up again soon I hope and we will certainly recommend your travel organisation where and when we can!
Smith (Mar 2014)
Dear Beatrice, we have had a great Tour India thank you for your super assistance.
Carsten & family (Feb 2014)
We're back in Denmark and already overloaded with work again ! However I want to thank you for your brilliant handling of our trip to India this February. All our hotels were great and everything worked really well. We had a fantastic vacation thanks to your good work. Beaty we're taking the liberty of recommending you to our friends, if they should be planning a trip to India. We are currently talking about going to Kerala for 2 weeks in February 2015, if we decide on it, we plan on using your agency again and will get in touch with you later this year. Again thank you Beaty for taking so good care of us and our trip.
Jensen (Feb 2014)
Our wholehearted thank you for the huge contribution that your expertise, kindness and contacts made to our holiday. Both Margie and I feel that our journey to The Golden Triangle will remain in our hearts and memories. We had the best time together - EVERY day was perfect! It was one of those times when everything and the gods came together so gracefully. This past 2 days back home have been surprisingly distressing for both of us. We're already plotting our next trip! Dharmendra was a perfect driver and gentleman. The car was immaculate. Arif our Taj guide was a delight Rahul (and his Indian Ferrari) was an absolute legend. We spent 2 days with him criss-crossing around Jaipur and beyond. Shanthi Home was terrific as well - staff so helpful and friendly. We loved the roof-top bar and restaurant and were happy to eat in both nights. Beaty, if we can support you with testimonials and so on, please remember us.
Annie Stewart (Jan 2014)
Now that we are back in Delhi I just wanted to say thanks for your work in organising our trip. All went very smoothly and it was a great break. Receiving texts to update the train status is a real bonus. Simla was great especially at this time of the year. Thank you again.
Joann (April 2013)
Beaty has extensive knowledge of the country having been raised and schooled there. She is an enthusiastic and considerate leader, very efficient, unflappable and with a great sense of humour. Her understanding of the various cultures and customs required is a tremendous asset.
CA & BJ Drummond (1995)