What we offer

CSAR Tours offers information and guidance to travellers who enjoy putting together their own holiday plans and adventures and like local, well informed support.   We do not however organise your flights to/from India, we just make all the internal arrangements as required.

We will help you plan your itinerary for India - however long or short; within whatever price range, from back-packers to 5 star hotels; any time of year, any part of India, and if you're not sure exactly what you want to do, we will tell you about the endless possibilities India offers.   Do you know that these include ......skiing?

We organise and arrange the travel and Beaty leads the tour if you wish.   CSAR Tours has extensive contacts in India to ensure that your holiday is professionally supported

A new service!

From October 2008, Csar Tours  has a prepaid mobile phone available for you to use while in India, thus saving you the higher cost of  calls made on your home mobile!   Cost -Rs5000 deposit on the phone, refundable on return less rental of Rs150 per week (or part thereof), plus the cost of calls made.    However, this facility can normally only be availed if you are starting and ending your journey in Delhi - but ask us if this is not the case and we will see how else we may be able to help!

Charges and conditions

A 30% deposit is generally requested to assist in securing bookings especially as advance payments are often required.   This deposit is generally non refundable - some exceptions may be considered.   Full and final payment should be made at least 1 month before travel commences.   Payments can be paid by  Direct bank deposit, cheque or cash (credit card facilities on line). 

Service Charge

Csar Tours charges a consultation/facilitation fee dependent on the amount of work required for the booking.   This is generally 20% - up to a maximum of 30% of the total cost  (15% to Delhi Network members and regular clients.)


Clients need to be aware that travel in India requires an open mind, a sense of humour and a degree of flexibility as all bookings may be subject to change. 

Csar Tours accepts no responsibility in the event of personal accident or injury, though will do everything possible to assist clients who have any difficulties while travelling. All passengers should have comprehensive travel insurance.

Individual travel …or a small group tour?

Make up your own group, or

Tell me where you want to go, what you want to see and together we can plan an itinerary  and if you want, I will help to find other people with similar interests to make up a group

Visit famous sites or those less visited.
Go anywhere you want!
India is such a vast country - with a huge range of options…

  • palaces and forts, temples
  • bustling cities, small villages
  • game reserves
  • tea, coffee and spice plantations
  • beaches, rivers, waterways
  • hill resorts, mountains, etc., etc...

Tours are designed to suit you, your budget, the time you have available and the pace at which you want to travel.

Sight-seeing and other activities can be pre-booked, or organised on the spot, as required.

Accommodation options from backpackers to luxury hotels, modern buildings or ones with unique character.

Travel by train, plane, boat, coach/car.